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The half tunnel design also provides greater dimensional versatility for potential reuse on other projects.

Height: 2.30 - 3.00 m.

Special designs are available for higher applications.

Length: Combinations of 0.625-1.250-2.500 m. assembled Higher length can be possible depending on crane capacity.

Width: 1.05, to 2.85 m.

The main component of the system is the half-tunnel. Manufactured entirely from steel, including the face of the form, the half tunnel provides the rigidity and smooth face necessary to produce a consistently high-quality finish to the concrete.

Benefits of the Tunnel form technique are maximized where the production process is operated on a 24-hour cycle, an achievable objective thanks to the support and training offered by PANO2000's experienced engineer. 

The Room Tunnel system has been used for "one room, per day, perform". That means faster project completion schedules and reduced costs for both the contractor and the owner.